Day 2: Muddle through

10 Oct

This morning I took out two containers of cooked squash and packed them both in Karl’s lunch. Doggone it!  I was looking forward to that.

Lunch was also a failure. I was supposed to have canned salmon, avocado, olives and EVOO with lemon. The avocado was very, very green to the point that I could not scoop out the flesh or separate it from the skin. The canned salmon turned out to be the messiest thing I have attempted to eat at my desk with the can juice spilling everywhere.  It was tasty nonetheless. Finally, the olive mix we bought had some peppers in it which we are not  supposed to have. Since Karl ate leftover short ribs for breakfast, he also had tomatoes which should be off the menu right now.

It’s a cold and rainy day, and I would have preferred a soup for lunch. I think I will make some this weekend to add to the lunches as an extra for chilly days like this. I am enjoying a cup of green tea to warm me up.

On the plus side, tonight we will have turkey legs and sweet potato pancakes for dinner and they will be delicious. My “Apple Pie Kombucha” is ready to taste tonight.  We burped the bottle this morning and it seems pretty fizzy, so good for me.

Later edit:  Dinner wasn’t quite as wonderful as expected.  We realized that the sweet potato pancake recipe calls for eggs, which are off limits for this 30 day period, so we had a plain baked sweet potato.  We also realized that it would not be a good idea to pack a whole turkey leg for lunch, because they are too messy to eat in the office.

So, after spending about an hour prepping our lamb dolmas for Wednesday night, we spent another half hour cutting the meat off our turkey legs.  That left me at 8 pm with a pile of dishes to do.  So, today was crabby day.  But I have learned that I need to check the menu plan more carefully to make sure that the food is appropriate for work, and to try to make more things ahead of time.



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