Days 3, 4 and 5: Feeling Alive!

13 Oct

Oddly enough, as soon as I stopped feeling crabby, I didn’t have as much desire to blog here.  But I heard from one person who was missing my post, so here is a catch-up post.  On Wednesday morning, I managed to keep my breakfast from landing in Karl’s lunch kit–score one for me!  Thank God we cut up the turkey legs last night, because for lunch today we had a department meeting and I would have looked quite ridiculous eating a whole turkey leg like King Henry VIII.  What was really bothering me though, was the idea of having lamb for dinner.  I have eaten lamb exactly two times and didn’t like it.  But Karl and I both wanted to try the recipe for Lemony Lamb Dolmas and it was…a huge success!  I know that Karl felt some trepidation over it too, because he tried to talk me into opening a bottle of wine with the dinner.  He reminded me that I used to need wine with fish until I learned to enjoy the fish by itself.  But, we avoided temptation on Wednesday.  More about temptation later.

Thursday morning I woke up to…a clean kitchen!  We did the dishes on Wednesday night so all I had to do on Thursday was make a salad for our lunch.  I had another work meeting for lunch.  My plan was to eat my salad and leftover lamb after the meeting and to NOT eat the food served at the meeting. But when I got there I was hungry, and they served quiche.  Apparently I’m not too bright, because I figured I could eat the inside of the quiche without the crust and I forgot I’m not supposed to be eating eggs.  Actually, avoiding eggs for a month was one of the big reasons I picked the Autoimmune 30 day meal plan to try first.  I have some unexplained inflammation going on and Dr. Google says that an egg allergy could be the cause.  Hopefully a 24 day egg avoidance will be good enough.

Thursday night we had asian orange scallops for dinner and Friday night was a stir fry.  They were both fantastic.


2 Responses to “Days 3, 4 and 5: Feeling Alive!”

  1. Roseanne Gutmann October 13, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

    I loved reading this! Inspirational!! With hubby out of town, we have both lacked our support system of “we are in this together”!, so I have not had the strict Paleo and non-dairy week I was planning. i experienced the crazy challenges of a person working full-time (on my own business and projects – but it was a 8-6 day kind of week), juggling a child on my own, and all of the other responsibilities – so I found planning and preparing the proper meals to be a challenge! I gave into temptations and I feel so bad about it all that I KNOW I will do better – starting TODAY. It is a calm Saturday and I can plan and prepare – which I believe are the key ingredients to success with this. My intentions were 100% good – my follow-through was 100% bad. So, thanks for sharing how your planning ahead helped you succeed!!

    • denisezapf October 13, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

      Thanks Roseanne. I was really surprised when this program became so hard for me. Then I realized that I just needed to plan ahead a little better, and so some things (like the dishes) ahead of time. My normal routine is to leave them at night because I am tired, and I can usually face them in the morning. But this week waking up to dishes was making me crabby, so I will work on getting them done in the evening. It’s a smart move because Karl will help me with them in the evening but not in the morning! I know the two of you will get back on track with your goals. Paleo is a difficult lifestyle to start because so many of the short-cuts you’re used to will not work. When I think of the tubs of gooey mashed potatoes with cheese and fake bacon that we used to buy, and reheat in the plastic bucket, I can’t believe that was me!

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