Day Six: A Little Switch

14 Oct

When I reviewed the menu in Practical Paleo for the upcoming week, I decided to move some meals around.  It made sense to have the long-cooking items on the weekend and shorter cooking items during the week.  Plus, we  have our son coming home on Sunday afternoon and staying until Tuesday.  The menu plan would have had us cooking a roast chicken on Sunday, but I am here to tell you that one chicken is only enough for one meal for the three of us, so the plan for leftovers would need to be revised.

Instead, we had the roast chicken on Saturday night, along with a nice butternut squash soup and roasted brussels sprouts.  The leftover chicken will be lunch on Tuesday.

Sunday morning we did a cook-up for the week.  But first we had chicken legs, leftover squash soup and raw sauerkraut for breakfast.  I love it when the meal plan tells me to eat kraut for breakfast!  Then, we started a batch of Kim Chi that we’ll finish this afternoon.  We set up some beets to ferment, and we began the secondary ferment on our Kombucha tea.  Flavors this week will be Cherry Vanilla, Chai, and Elderflower (Karl’s favorite).  We started a new batch of Kombucha for next week.  The flavored versions will be ready to drink by Tuesday.  We’ve promised ourselves a continuous brewing system for our joint Christmas gift so that we won’t always have to wait a week to decant the batch and start the second ferment.  If you don’t  know what I’m talking about, check out Kombucha Kamp.

We also cooked some turkey burgers, some bacon wrapped chicken thighs, and made a spinach salad for tomorrow’s lunch.  Right now, we have pork ribs and sauerkraut cooking in the crock pot.  The menu plan would have had us cooking a pork loin later in the week, but this option worked better for us.

So, now we have our afternoon free.  We have signed up to take Greta (our German Shepherd) on a canine adventure walk with about 15 other dogs.  She deserves a break from the routine of the house.

Finally, I promised to write more about temptation.  We opened a bottle of wine on Friday night, and another last night.  I sure sleep better without the alcohol!

Chicken, Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash Soup


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