Days 7 and 8 were Great

16 Oct

Okay, by now you have figured out that I like silly rhymes.   Sunday after the big morning cook-up, we took Greta for a nice walk near the river.  The sun, the water, the leaves and the dogs having fun made it a great time to enjoy some leisure.  After all, life is about more than just cooking.

Our pork ribs with sauerkraut were ready when we came home Sunday afternoon, and we paired them with a white sweet potato from our local farmer’s market.  No pictures were taken because we didn’t have time.  The sound around the dinner table that night was “globb, globb, globb, slurp, smack”.  This is what you want to hear!

Monday was so easy!  I just had to pull containers out of the fridge and pack them for breakfast and lunch.  Our Monday evening meal was another new recipe for us…Chinese 5 Star Lettuce cups.  Karl took a picture of the fixin’s. The meat was ground turkey browned with some Chinese 5 star spice, and I made a sauce out of tahini, coconut aminos, and sesame oil.  These were similar to the lettuce wraps made famous by some chinese food chains, and asian food is a favorite of mine.

So, after 8 days, we have liked every recipe we’ve cooked from Practical Paleo.  We like the menu plans, except I had to learn to do a little adjusting to keep things working with my schedule. 

Let’s walk more!


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