Day Six: A Little Switch

14 Oct

When I reviewed the menu in Practical Paleo for the upcoming week, I decided to move some meals around.  It made sense to have the long-cooking items on the weekend and shorter cooking items during the week.  Plus, we  have our son coming home on Sunday afternoon and staying until Tuesday.  The menu plan would have had us cooking a roast chicken on Sunday, but I am here to tell you that one chicken is only enough for one meal for the three of us, so the plan for leftovers would need to be revised.

Instead, we had the roast chicken on Saturday night, along with a nice butternut squash soup and roasted brussels sprouts.  The leftover chicken will be lunch on Tuesday.

Sunday morning we did a cook-up for the week.  But first we had chicken legs, leftover squash soup and raw sauerkraut for breakfast.  I love it when the meal plan tells me to eat kraut for breakfast!  Then, we started a batch of Kim Chi that we’ll finish this afternoon.  We set up some beets to ferment, and we began the secondary ferment on our Kombucha tea.  Flavors this week will be Cherry Vanilla, Chai, and Elderflower (Karl’s favorite).  We started a new batch of Kombucha for next week.  The flavored versions will be ready to drink by Tuesday.  We’ve promised ourselves a continuous brewing system for our joint Christmas gift so that we won’t always have to wait a week to decant the batch and start the second ferment.  If you don’t  know what I’m talking about, check out Kombucha Kamp.

We also cooked some turkey burgers, some bacon wrapped chicken thighs, and made a spinach salad for tomorrow’s lunch.  Right now, we have pork ribs and sauerkraut cooking in the crock pot.  The menu plan would have had us cooking a pork loin later in the week, but this option worked better for us.

So, now we have our afternoon free.  We have signed up to take Greta (our German Shepherd) on a canine adventure walk with about 15 other dogs.  She deserves a break from the routine of the house.

Finally, I promised to write more about temptation.  We opened a bottle of wine on Friday night, and another last night.  I sure sleep better without the alcohol!

Chicken, Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash Soup


Days 3, 4 and 5: Feeling Alive!

13 Oct

Oddly enough, as soon as I stopped feeling crabby, I didn’t have as much desire to blog here.  But I heard from one person who was missing my post, so here is a catch-up post.  On Wednesday morning, I managed to keep my breakfast from landing in Karl’s lunch kit–score one for me!  Thank God we cut up the turkey legs last night, because for lunch today we had a department meeting and I would have looked quite ridiculous eating a whole turkey leg like King Henry VIII.  What was really bothering me though, was the idea of having lamb for dinner.  I have eaten lamb exactly two times and didn’t like it.  But Karl and I both wanted to try the recipe for Lemony Lamb Dolmas and it was…a huge success!  I know that Karl felt some trepidation over it too, because he tried to talk me into opening a bottle of wine with the dinner.  He reminded me that I used to need wine with fish until I learned to enjoy the fish by itself.  But, we avoided temptation on Wednesday.  More about temptation later.

Thursday morning I woke up to…a clean kitchen!  We did the dishes on Wednesday night so all I had to do on Thursday was make a salad for our lunch.  I had another work meeting for lunch.  My plan was to eat my salad and leftover lamb after the meeting and to NOT eat the food served at the meeting. But when I got there I was hungry, and they served quiche.  Apparently I’m not too bright, because I figured I could eat the inside of the quiche without the crust and I forgot I’m not supposed to be eating eggs.  Actually, avoiding eggs for a month was one of the big reasons I picked the Autoimmune 30 day meal plan to try first.  I have some unexplained inflammation going on and Dr. Google says that an egg allergy could be the cause.  Hopefully a 24 day egg avoidance will be good enough.

Thursday night we had asian orange scallops for dinner and Friday night was a stir fry.  They were both fantastic.

Day 2: Muddle through

10 Oct

This morning I took out two containers of cooked squash and packed them both in Karl’s lunch. Doggone it!  I was looking forward to that.

Lunch was also a failure. I was supposed to have canned salmon, avocado, olives and EVOO with lemon. The avocado was very, very green to the point that I could not scoop out the flesh or separate it from the skin. The canned salmon turned out to be the messiest thing I have attempted to eat at my desk with the can juice spilling everywhere.  It was tasty nonetheless. Finally, the olive mix we bought had some peppers in it which we are not  supposed to have. Since Karl ate leftover short ribs for breakfast, he also had tomatoes which should be off the menu right now.

It’s a cold and rainy day, and I would have preferred a soup for lunch. I think I will make some this weekend to add to the lunches as an extra for chilly days like this. I am enjoying a cup of green tea to warm me up.

On the plus side, tonight we will have turkey legs and sweet potato pancakes for dinner and they will be delicious. My “Apple Pie Kombucha” is ready to taste tonight.  We burped the bottle this morning and it seems pretty fizzy, so good for me.

Later edit:  Dinner wasn’t quite as wonderful as expected.  We realized that the sweet potato pancake recipe calls for eggs, which are off limits for this 30 day period, so we had a plain baked sweet potato.  We also realized that it would not be a good idea to pack a whole turkey leg for lunch, because they are too messy to eat in the office.

So, after spending about an hour prepping our lamb dolmas for Wednesday night, we spent another half hour cutting the meat off our turkey legs.  That left me at 8 pm with a pile of dishes to do.  So, today was crabby day.  But I have learned that I need to check the menu plan more carefully to make sure that the food is appropriate for work, and to try to make more things ahead of time.


Day One: a happy start

9 Oct

When I had the idea to try a 30 day meal plan, I imagined how nice it would be not to plan menus all week. However, I didn’t consider the effort that would be involved in cooking and eating unfamiliar recipes three times a day. That was the hardest part of today, and I had to write a note for Karl’s lunch to remind him when to eat certain foods.

This morning started off with chicken thighs and sweet potatoes.  This was a winning combination for Karl and I received no complaints. I felt totally satisfied with breakfast and maybe a little more full than with eggs and bacon. Lunch was more chicken and some sautéed zucchini.   The next time zucchini is on the plan, I will substitute something else because neither of us was thrilled with it.

Dinner was a fabulous garlic steak with sautéed onions and carrots, plus beets roasted with fennel and orange. It was such a hit that there are only enough leftovers for one breakfast tomorrow, so Karl gets leftover short ribs.

Starting Practical Paleo

7 Oct

We are ready to batten down the hatches on our diet for the next 30 days.  I received Practical Paleo for my birthday, so we decided to start with the 30 day meal plan for autoimmune conditions.  Pictured here is a bowl of Tom Yam Goong from Saturday’s dinner. It will be off limits for the next month because of the hot peppers.

I plan to write about our experience on the 30 day plan. Since we have been on a paleo plan for more than a year, we are not expecting to lose a lot of weight.  However, 30 days without alcohol will be good for our livers, for sure.  Also, I have been eating eggs every day for years, so I am curious to see if there are any noticeable effects from eliminating them.

We do need to adjust the protocol a little. Because my husband gets abdominal distress from coconut oil, we can’t use it as our main cooking oil. We did a Whole 30 in January, and we are confident that neither of us is allergic to dairy.  So today I rendered down a pound of Kerrygold butter to make ghee, which we will use along with bacon fat for cooking.

Our protocol starts tomorrow, so today we cooked chicken thighs, turkey legs, squash, zucchini and sweet potatoes. Yum.


Hello world!

7 Oct

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Happy blogging!